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Propelling Pharma on the Computational Pathology Revolution

By Sylvain Berlemont, PhD, Founder and CEO - 08 Nov 2021

In this interview, Sylvain Berlemont, founder and CEO of Keen Eye, shares his vision on Computational Pathology.


Keen Eye’s SaaS-based Computational Pathology platform has been playing a phenomenal role in Digital Pathology by offering pharmaceutical companies the much-needed agility and efficacy in operations while staying compliant with the regulations. Be it optimising translational research, enhancing CDx/IVD assay development, or accelerating clinical trials, Keen Eye’s platform is built from the ground up, considering every touchpoint in the research process. 


Keen Eye is deploying a unique combination of a powerful AI-technology, a smart cloud-based platform and a mature approach to regulatory compliance.


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Keen Eye has at heart to simplify the adoption of Computational Pathology to guide pharmaceutical companies in better diagnostics and drug development. 

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