RUO/GCP sample analysis services

Expect more from a sample analysis service. Beyond delivering rapid and accurate results for your RUO and GCP projects, we also provide secure access to your data and results - housed for the duration of your project.

RUO/GCP sample analysis services

Thanks to the unique and agile design of the Keen Eye platform, we can integrate client partner staff into our process seamlessly.


No matter what faction of staff needs to participate in the analysis (pathologists, lab technicians, and researchers), or where they are located, the Keen Eye team can integrate them into the process and communicate with them. Due to the automation of the platform, the Keen Eye team can also scale its capacity up or down to fit our client partner's needs.

In a partnership with Keen Eye, you not only get to outsource your analysis to a full-service lab provider with a proven track record of success in AI, you also gain interactive access to your study data, including but not limited to: whole slide images, annotations, and results. In addition, all of these elements will be archived, available to you and your team for subsequent future reviews.

Our team uses the platform to process your samples according to your standard operating procedures. They also track the project with a full audit trail, from QC inspection all the way to sign off. Whether it is for RUO or GCP study, our team - with expertise in science, technology, and medicine - supports you with accelerated results from start to finish.



Protocol adherence: following your analytical plan and SOPs




Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Aurélie Auguste

Senior Biomarker ‘Molecular Histopathology’ Lab Head
As well as being able to deliver accurate and fully quantitative results during clinical trials, Keen Eye is, above all, a great partner capable of complying with our standard operating procedures and high expectations on quality.

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