Discover new tissue insights

The hugely complex nature of AI data may lead to the eventuation of multiple hypotheses for identifying distinguishing elements in images. These elements have the potential to help you predict patient outcomes, and must be organized and categorized effectively. Discover how we at Keen Eye can guide you in identifying these high-value predictive signatures in your images.

Discover new tissue insights

We provide the technology and the support with our end-to-end, hypothesis-free approach. You identify vital biomarkers and high-value predictive signatures that could change patient lives.

Save time
Hypothesis-free and fast iterative discovery cycle as it requires no annotations
Decision support
Clear concise explanation, including a heatmap, and morphological features that help describe the findings


Our cutting-edge AI technology, so you can mine your data efficiently and productively.

Review and discuss

Your results with peers in our state-of-the art platform.

Have confidence

In the fact that your team does not need to invest in expensive technology to use Keen Eye.
The platform is accessible from one single location - right from your internet browser.



Our platform is the perfect place for your scientists and our AI experts to come together and guide you towards the next great medical discovery.

Meet the Platform

See how you can leverage digital image analysis with our deep learning technologies.