CDx/IVD product development

AI has immense potential in precision medicine. It can help scientists make huge strides in patient diagnoses and outcomes. Discover how Keen Eye can be your AI companion in this endeavour.

CDx/IVD product development

Keen Eye is a regulated computational pathology platform, run by an elite team with a proven track record of success and innovation in AI, who are committed to propelling your CDx and IVD product development.

A plug and play image analysis platform, complete with all associated regulatory documentation and personnel expertise - so you can focus on your core research.

A versatile computational pathology platform that is specifically engineered to protect the intellectual property of client partners.


In addition to the security measures engineered into the platform, the Keen Eye team can facilitate product launches that contain multiple sets of intellectual property, and maintain a clear delineation between owners.


Collaboration and trust, from design to product launch.


We know CDx/IVD is a long road. We walk it with you at every stage of the process: design, conception, development, verification and validation.




Diagnostic Company

Vincent Fert

Chairman & CEO, HalioDx
This partnership with Keen Eye is exemplary as it offers a high complementarity in terms of scientific, technical, and regulatory expertise, but also in terms of field and market access. Both teams are keen to start, as they are very conscious of the impact they can make on patient care with the combination of their respective technologies.

Meet the Platform

See how you can leverage digital image analysis with our deep learning technologies.