Clinical Trials Services

Fully outsource your image analysis and get the power of AI applied to Pathology. Keen Eye can take over the creation of custom AI algorithms, align the analysis workflow with your SOP, run the analysis with an unmatched accuracy while supporting compliance with clinical and laboratory practices (GCP and GLP).

Clinical Trials Services

Save time without compromising

with compliance.

Integrate AI into your image analysis.


Keen Eye guides you through your digital journey, from the specifications to the validation of the AI model.


Step 1: Algorithm Validation

Keen Eye creates the algorithm that fits your standard operating procedures


Every step of algorithm development and validation is traced using your images. From outlining your objectives to deploying a validated digital assay, documentation and traceability are provided in order to comply with your SOPs. Keen Eye leverages its community of internationally recognized pathologists to validate the algorithms.



Step 2: Digital Image Analysis

Keen Eye analyzes your data with a validated AI algorithm


Keen Eye processes your samples according to your standard operating procedures. Everything is automatically tracked with a full audit trail, from QC inspection all the way to sign off. Whatever the aim of your study, Keen Eye - with expertise in science, technology, and medicine - supports you with accelerated results from start to finish.


Protocol adherence: following your analytical plan and SOPs

Why choose Keen Eye? 

Fast design

Portfolio of proprietary pre-computed AI pipelines.

Report delivery

Quality controlled results detailed in an electronically signed report.


Secured and limited access to the data generated.

Clinical Awareness

Quality and Regulatory Affairs are at the heart of Keen Eye's value proposition. 


Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Dr. Aurélie Auguste

Senior Biomarker ‘Molecular Histopathology’ Lab Head
As well as being able to deliver accurate and fully quantitative results during clinical trials, Keen Eye is, above all, a great partner capable of complying with our standard operating procedures and high expectations on quality.

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