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Perform image analysis with our web-based, fully-featured computational pathology platform, powered by deep-learning technology to optimize your processes and scale up your capabilities.

Time is of the essence. Accelerate the adoption of digital image analysis assays with Keen Eye technology and propel your research, all from one single web-based platform. We are here to assist you in this age of unprecedented medical and scientific discovery.

Intuitive, fully-featured and flexible.


An AI Platform that fits your needs.


Your data is protected by state of the art security, with end-to-end encryption.


Access all the Platform functionalities with internet connection only, and always with optimal user experience.


Benefit from on-demand click deployment: the Platform installation is fast, flexible and scalable.

Explore your data in depth and seamlessly with a fast viewer


Under the microscope or behind the computer, you will see no difference. Keen Eye's patent-protected viewer allows slide visualization from anywhere, at anytime. Navigate easily in every images at a single-cell or a whole slide level and instantly harness your qualitative and quantitative results.

Get the best out of the powerful annotation system


Add, edit and classify region of interests on your images with easy-to-use tools. The Platform handles millions of annotations: benefit from deep learning-based algorithms to automatically analyse whole slide tissues and get access to unmatched accuracy in your quantifications. Every annotation and result can be downloaded directly from the Platform.

Achieve progress through collaboration


Share images, annotations and reports between pathologists, data scientists or clinical managers, wherever they are. You can mutualize all the digital assays in one single platform. The Keen Eye™ Platform offers a true flexibility: every partner can choose to share or integrate the entirety or parts of their data sets. Everything is covered by secured access with different permission levels.

Use Keen Eye AI Applications for fast, accurate and scalable analyses

1. Upload the images
From early-stage development to clinical routine, Keen Eye™ Platform is suited for every type of study. Gain some precious time with batch upload, which can be performed while performing other tasks on the Platform.
2. Run the analysis
Batch and parallel your analysis for a better efficiency, always with a high level of reproducibility and accuracy. No need to stop using the Platform, all the analyses are running in the background.
3. Get a detailed report
Download all the annotations and quantitative results in easy-to-use file formats, as a parallel task or at the end of the assay.

Deploy your own AI models to your entire organisation, in a heartbeat.


At Keen Eye, we have mastered the process of designing, building and disseminating AI models. With the Platform, get access to an easy encapsulation of AI models and deploy them instantaneously. No matter the language or framework they rely on, distribute as many AI models as you require throughout your organisation while preserving your IP.

Articles of interest

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Our Team
Computational Pathology and Artificial Intelligence are reshaping the Pathology field: an interview with Keen Eye’s Application Specialist

By Charlotte Plestant (Scientific Content Marketing Manager), Eunice Stennett (Former CMO), David Guet (Digital pathology Specialist) - 26 May 2021

Over the last years, the world of Pathology has considerably evolved and brought out new challenges. Development of whole-slide scanners alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) has empowered pathological analysis by digitizing immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and H&E slides, providing better possibilities in patient selection and treatment. These changes have come with new hurdles, related to a sharp increase of the complexity of the images, higher expectations for image analysis and a shift in the pathologist's daily practices.

Support for Tissue Microarray (TMA)

By David Guet, Thomas Le Meur - 05 Feb 2021

For years now, digital pathology has seen the emergence of a plethora of heterogeneous different image types designed for clinical research use or routine diagnostics. Among them one can find tissue microarrays, or TMAs, introduced in the 1990s. TMA images differ from standard histopathological samples; instead of having a whole tissue section on a single slide, we find a large number of tissue cores organized on a grid, from different patients and, possibly from different tissue types. On one TMA slide, we can find several hundred samples.

Biomarker Discovery
Artificial Intelligence and the fight against cancer: how deep learning aids in lung cancer subtyping

01 May 2020

At the forefront of AI research in medicine are diagnostics and drug development. Deep learning technology allows better decision making, improved efficiency in clinical trials, and a clearer path to drug development.

Choosing the right resolution to train Deep Learning models on Histopathology images

By David Guet (Digital Pathology Specialist), Melanie Lubrano (Data Scientist) - 30 Mar 2021

Histopathology is the analysis of tissue samples under a microscope in order to establish the severity of a disease. More precisely, it concerns the examination of tissue extracted from surgery, biopsy or autopsy. The tissue extracted from the body of the patient is placed in a fixative medium in order to prevent decay. It is then embedded in a cassette in wax before being sliced in thin microtome sections. Thin tissue sections are stained using different staining protocols (H&E, chromogenic, immunofluorescence, etc.) and mounted on glass slides before observation.

Biomarker Discovery
Transfer Learning Between Multiple Therapeutic Areas

01 Jul 2020

Many pharmaceutical companies develop their AI capabilities to improve operational efficiencies, scientific research, and the clinical trial process. As for medical image analysis, the complexity and heavy investment of time and effort lead them to turn to specialized partners who possess this expertise. Keen Eye holds a prominent position in this field with significant knowledge inAI, deep learning, and evaluation of large sets of histopathological, diagnostic and molecular images.

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See how you can leverage digital image analysis with our deep learning technologies.