A career with Keen Eye

Where passion and purpose meet. A career chosen by you – elevated by Keen Eye.

A career with Keen Eye

We combine AI technology with your knowledge and expertise to set the new standard in precision-driven diagnostic and drug development success. Join us, and help set the standard for precision machine learning platforms in medicine.

You can be a part of the next great medical discovery, helping to integrate machine learning into medicine. It can’t be done without you; that’s why we designed our platform the way we did. We need your expertise to bring our AI algorithms to life and to write your know-how into the platform.


With a career at Keen Eye, you will gain access to unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise, the ability to execute your projects with speed, efficiency and accuracy, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best that health science and technology has to offer.

You are a critical component to the success of Keen Eye. Bring your goals, bring your vision, and we will help you deliver. At Keen Eye, we take an unparalleled approach to open, company-wide collaboration. If you have things to say about deep-learning technology in medicine, we want to hear them. 

Help us guide our partners


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A company driven by excellence in technology and patient care



Here at Keen Eye, we saw an opportunity to take AI-based medical insights to new heights. In order to meet the unique business and operational needs of today’s pharma, biotech, and research institutions, we needed to make a dynamic, scalable product that could flex to meet the needs of any project and any user.  With our team of scientists, developers, engineers, and innovators, we have discovered how to combine next generation machine learning technology with the expertise of researchers and medical professionals. We set out to make a difference to your daily research and diagnostic needs with user-friendly machine learning technology, housed in a platform that encourages secure and dynamic collaboration–and we succeeded.

We are driven by our values

We believe that every employee has the power to make our company better. We encourage ownership of individual ideas, and empower our employees to bring theirs to the table.
Builder’s mindset
We are collectively building the product and company of our dreams.
Feedback is a gift. We value and encourage transparent, open-minded communication between colleagues and peers.
Every member of our team is driven by a powerful purpose — to have a tangible impact on patients.
Every call to adventure starts with a step off the beaten path, and we realize that takes courage. We call those with the audacity to break the mold to come and join us.
Trust is quintessential to our success. Our team — much like the scientists, researchers, doctors, and patients we help — cannot function without it. We promote trust between colleagues, as well as trust between us and our client partners.

Here at Keen Eye, we lead the charge in the medical technology sector, and pride ourselves in housing some of the best talent the industry has to offer.



We also take care of our people, and ensure Keen Eye is a place they not only do fulfilling work, but where they feel welcome and supported. We are proud to foster a relaxed and inclusive environment; open to all.

Good reasons

Family-friendly environment


QARA Manager
I became a mother very quickly after joining the team. I was a bit worried, wondering how I was going to manage a new job and my new status as a mum at the same time. In the end, everything came naturally. The way of life and organisation within the company are naturally designed in such a way that employees maintain a good work-life balance. All the conditions are in place to combine work with passion! I am very proud to be part of this movement!
Remote spirit


Customer Success manager
As advocates for the digitalisation of the medical sector, Keen Eye has always been on the cutting edge of technology enablement, and that includes remote work. At Keen Eye, we believe that the best employee does not have to reside within a daily commute of the HQ. Half of Keen Eye is fully remote, which enables each individual to work in their most productive environment, while also keeping a strong company culture with our frequent onsite/offsite gatherings.
Quality above all else!


Front end Manager
Short-term gains never justify long-term sacrifice. At Keen Eye we know that what’s designed to be ephemeral has the unfortunate tendency to become eternal. That’s why one of our main objectives is to always build, high value-added products that are at the crossroads of top code quality and enhanced usage experiences.

Meet the Platform

See how you can leverage digital image analysis with our deep learning technologies.